Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New York! New York!

Watch out New York cause here come the Backholms! Yep... we are leaving tonight and we will be gone a whole week. We are actually going to West Point, New York where our cousin is graduating from the military academy and we are so excited to celebrate is achievements. I am hoping to keep you updated daily with lots of pics and stories of the days happenings, but we'll see how much time I get. If not, I promise a complete overview of the trip when we return. Well... gotta' run, it is crazy around here!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Wyatt pulling up carpet

Mother's Day- Pear and Grandma Therese

Papa workin' away

Hmmm....Strawberry Jam!

Yesterday started the trek of remodeling part of the basement to make our wood shop bigger. Papa has taken the week off from his job and we are going at it like banshees. We had a very productive start to the week, we managed to make strawberry jam, do all the grocery shopping for the week, make bread, make two apple tarts, plant all our vegetable seeds and accomplish a boat load in the remodel project. And we were two men down!( well a guy and a girl,Wyatt and I are not at our best to say the least) To keep all the troops going we took a tea break, which consisted of warm fresh buttermilk bread with sparkling strawberry jam and strong English Breakfast tea. And then it was back to work. It felt so good to fall into bed last night but my alarm rang loud in my ear all too soon. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They Must Come OUT!

Well... I am going to have surgery to remove my wisdom teeth tomorrow morning at 9:30am. I don't think it is possible to express how much the thought of this drives me crazy and makes me want to die. But I guess I have no choice in the mater. So I could use ALL your prayers for a safe surgery and quick recovery and some peace inside. I would really appreciate it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Time For Country Dancing Again!

That's right this Friday, May 9th from 7-9:00pm at Miller Junior High,we are going to be dancing away. So grab a waterbottle and your favorite skirt or jeans and come on out. It will be a great evening of fun for the whole family. Hope to see you there!