Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's December! Can you believe it??

I just pulled some Chocolate Paradiso Biscotti out of the oven and boy, does it smell good! A wonderfully crunchy cookie with bits of toasted almonds, hints of orange and large chunks of dark chocolate.

Wow, it's December. Where has the time gone? I have definitely been keeping busy with life. I am working 4 days a week at a local health food store and am enjoying it, I am also learning a lot! I continue to create in the kitchen and it never grows old to me. If I didn't get to spend at least three hours in the kitchen, my day was not complete! :) Life is busy and good at home. Always lots of work to be done, joys to share, games to play, books to read and talks to have. I wouldn't trade all these memories for anything. I love my family! I have been working on some sewing projects, some Christmas and the other is a big quilt which I am thoroughly pleased with how it is turning out. I am to the point of starting to machine quilt it but I am a little scared, it is rather large and I am NOT experienced with machine quilting! We'll see...anybody have any tips for me? So, other than just living life to the fullest following my Father in Heaven as He leads and enjoying it tremendously...not too much else. I will write again soon and post some pictures. God bless you all richly in the Christmas Season!