Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Jackets, Raspberry Jam, and Cousins!



Today was a great day! For starters Laurel and I made a batch of raspberry jam and the whole house smelled of summer. Ohhh..it was just delightful! Then we had a wonderful unexpected visit from our cousins who moved away to Seattle last December. So we drank tea and ate cookies while catching up on all the latest news and holding adorable Brinna. :) She has grown so much since the last time I saw her it was almost like a different baby! We really enjoyed getting to see them again. Finally, this evening Laurel and I finished two sewing projects that we started last week. We found this cute baby jacket pattern at a fabric store in Olympia and knew that we had to make some. It just so happens that a family we know is due to have twins any day now, so we decided to get a sewin'. We think they turned out marvelously and we will certainly use the pattern again. Ohh...what a day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

18 Years of Richly Blessed Life!

Last Tuesday was my 18th birthday. I have been so richly blessed in the past years with a wonderful family and a sovereign, merciful, gracious God who loves me even though I am a horrible sinner. Praise God for his blood that washes us white as snow. I had a lovely day on the 17th. My sweet mama and sisters made me a delectable breakfast of apricot, white chocolate and pecan scones, scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit salad and tea. Yes, it was so good! Later Laurel and I went to Olympia and did a little shopping, mostly just window shopping but we had a great time and managed to find four chic skirts at a small second-hand store. We were truly pleased with our finds! Afterward, we met up with Stephen, Paige, Pear and Jovie at a coffee shop and munched on a some of the world's greatest chocolate chip cookies that Paige so graciously made. :) Meanwhile, back at home, mama started to whip up what was going to be one of the best dinners I have ever had. The scrumptious aromas of Coq au vin, Anna's pommes, and lightly roasted asparagus lead me to the table with great anticipation of what I was about to indulge myself in. For dessert we relished a tart tartin with a spoonful of devonshire cream on top. Yum! It was a delightful meal and oh so satisfying. And to top the day off, the sun was particularly golden and the sky was a silken blue all day long. Thank you Lord for 18 years of abundant life!