Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Jackets, Raspberry Jam, and Cousins!



Today was a great day! For starters Laurel and I made a batch of raspberry jam and the whole house smelled of summer. Ohhh..it was just delightful! Then we had a wonderful unexpected visit from our cousins who moved away to Seattle last December. So we drank tea and ate cookies while catching up on all the latest news and holding adorable Brinna. :) She has grown so much since the last time I saw her it was almost like a different baby! We really enjoyed getting to see them again. Finally, this evening Laurel and I finished two sewing projects that we started last week. We found this cute baby jacket pattern at a fabric store in Olympia and knew that we had to make some. It just so happens that a family we know is due to have twins any day now, so we decided to get a sewin'. We think they turned out marvelously and we will certainly use the pattern again. Ohh...what a day!


Paige said...

Those jackets are adorable! Oh, I'm glad you guys got to see Brook and the girls. They are so much fun! And your jam looks scrumptious!

Chase and Rebecca said...

Now I want to go make some jam, yours looks very delicious! And those jackets are very cute!

laurel backholm said...

at least my arm made it on your blog. :)

Jenna said...

Hi Claire~
I found your blog through a comment on Blessed Femina, and I really like your blog:) You do a lovely job!!

Great job on the jam~

Your sister in Christ,

Lil Hippo said...

i miss their family so much! Sounds like you had a fun day, and great job on the jackets! :)


Rachel said...

That is so cool! The coats are really cute. I wish I had skills enough to make jam.

Chelsea Peterson said...

Oh! Those coats are darling! =) Finally found the address for your blog again. I'm a slob...even when it comes to organizing my computer files! Missed you today at the skating rink. Hope I see you soon!

Mrs. U said...

The baby jackets are SO adorable!! You did a wonderful job sewing them!

Raspberry jam.... sigh... how I LOVE this stuff!! My friend's mother used to make some (the freezer jam method) each summer and would often send some home with me. My mouth waters just thinking about how delicious this was!!! Oooh! How wonderful it would be to have some right now!!

Mrs. U

Rebecca said...

You've won an award!

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