Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yes..I am still alive!

I know that you are all thinking that I have probably died or something but I actually am still here doing what I usually do and having a grand time. I just got back from spending a few days with my good friends the Micheners, were I ate good food, played lots of pinochle, laughed, held precious babies, played, enjoyed the sunshine and 85 degree weather and helped my sweet friend Larelle in anyway I could. About a month ago I finished up my year of Bible quizzing at districts in Tacoma with my team taking First! Yes! We were so excited! We all agreed that it was a very fun way to end the year. I have finished all my school now and I am finally graduating in a week and a half. It is a great feeling, yet a little strange and daunting since only God knows what the future holds for me. Yet, I wait with great anticipation knowing that his plans for my life are good and for a purpose. I'm so glad God cares about me! Well, I know that this a short post but I realized that I hadn't written in over 3 months and had to do something about it. I will try to post again soon with pictures. Be Blessed.